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Seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be an overwhelming experience. There are many drug rehab centers to choose from, and it is important to find one that you feel will properly address every element of your substance abuse. Paxton Recovery is an addiction recovery center located in Hartford, Connecticut that provides quality care for those suffering from addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders.


Clients will address the physical and mental elements of their substance abuse with an addiction recovery program that is tailored to fit their specific needs. Our Hartford, Connecticut addiction treatment facility offers a variety of resources and services to support clients confronting their addiction, including supervised detox, group counseling, and individual therapy. We also provide information on aftercare treatment, so you can maintain your recovery after leaving our drug rehab facility.


Before individualized treatment can begin, it is vital for clients to be clean from all drugs and alcohol. Long term drug use often causes physical dependence, and detox can be unpleasant due to withdrawal symptoms. Before enrolling at our addiction treatment center, clients will be admitted to our supervised drug detox clinic, where they will go through detox while being monitored around the clock by experienced staff. Cleansing the body of toxic and harmful chemicals can be challenging, which is why we focus on making clients as comfortable as possible while providing a safe and welcoming environment.


After completing detox, clients participate in recovery programs, addiction education, and personalized treatment that is determined after working with Paxton Recovery’s accomplished team of professionals. Treatment plans are designed around each client’s individual needs, ensuring that everyone receives care that is relevant to their personal recovery. Individual therapy and group counseling sessions are offered to provide clients the opportunity to address emotional struggles and past trauma with an experienced professional in a safe environment.


During group counseling, clients will be given the opportunity to heal together as they share their struggles with one another while giving and receiving positive feedback. People in the midst of their addiction can feel very lonely and think that nobody understands the pain they are going through, so they isolate from friends and loved ones. It is important for everyone suffering from addiction to know that they are not alone and that there are many people who are struggling with very similar experiences. Engaging with one another in group settings can help ease the fear and loneliness and allow clients the chance to offer support to one another throughout their recovery.


If you desire recovery from drug addiction and also suffer from co-occurring mental health problems, it is important to address your behavioral health while receiving treatment. Mood disorders like depression and anxiety are directly related to addiction, and it is difficult to reach recovery when your mental health is not being cared for. Paxton Recovery is a substance abuse treatment facility that provides dual diagnosis, so clients can gain the tools to manage their illness while pursuing recovery at the same time.


Residential care at our Hartford, Connecticut addiction recovery facility gives clients a safe and structured environment to understand their addiction, and the ability to work on valuable life skills needed to maintain sobriety. After completing residential treatment, it is crucial for clients to participate in an aftercare program in order to continue working on their recovery. Sober living, halfway houses, outpatient care, 12 step groups and individual therapy are just some of the programs that are available for clients. Continuing addiction treatment and engaging with others who are in a recovery program is the best way to avoid relapse and live a fulfilling life free from drugs and alcohol.


Addiction is a battle that cannot be fought alone, and asking for help is the first step towards a life of peace and serenity. We encourage you to contact us today so that we can get you the treatment you need and guide you towards a life of recovery.

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