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As the prevalence of addiction in America grows, millions of individuals struggle to overcome their dependence on substances. Our network of drug rehab centers are located throughout the United States to offer comprehensive treatment plans for anyone ready to begin their path to recovery. Individual attention for each client allows our staff to shape our standard addiction recovery program to meet the needs of each client we treat. A focus on therapy and a staff that specializes in dual diagnosis mental health treatment enables us to uncover the unique factors contributing to an individual’s fight against addiction. Paxton Recovery provides detox services under the supervision of professional staff. At the completion of our addiction treatment program in Boca Raton, Florida, we aid clients locate and secure aftercare treatments to help clients in their comprehensive addiction recovery.


Safety is essential throughout our recovery program, which is why clients entering our drug detox clinic undergo an evaluation before beginning supervised detox. Detox often triggers withdrawal symptoms that can make it difficult to continue the recovery. Around-the-clock supervision at our addiction recovery center in Boca Raton means interminable support from our compassionate employees. During the detox process, help is always nearby in case of an emergency. For most individuals, detox is an unpleasant process that brings about symptoms and side effects. Although uncomfortable, these symptoms do not pose a major health risk. However, depending on the type of drug and the length of use, withdrawal symptoms can be more serious. In these instances, it is important that help is called as quickly as possible, 24-hour supervision of our Boca Raton drug detox clinic allows us to do just that.


The safety and comfort of our clients are key factors in the progress made at our Boca Raton substance abuse treatment facility. In addition to our meticulous safety measures, we also work hard to create an environment that is both supportive and conducive to growth. Compassion and support foster open communication between clients and staff and builds trusting relationships that develop during therapy sessions.


Paxton Recovery provides two types of therapy at our drug rehab facility in Boca Raton: both individual and group sessions. Therapists work to create trusting relationships during both sessions, but it is particularly important during individual sessions in order to encourage clients to open up about their past behavior. It is during individual therapy that our therapists can determine whether a client suffers from any type of behavioral disorder or mental illness that might be contributing to the addiction. In cases of dual diagnosis, we are committed to comprehensive treatment that will help our clients overcome these struggles for a brighter tomorrow. Equally important to the recovery process is group therapy. These sessions involve small groups of clients discussing set topics decided upon by one of our trained therapists. Not only do clients receive support and advice from peers during these group sessions, they are also able to contribute and encourage others as well. These sessions reinforce the network of support that is so important to success at our Boca Raton addiction treatment facility.


Aftercare is important for maintaining sobriety after leaving our addiction recovery facility in Boca Raton. Staff members are committed to connecting clients with treatment options close to home in order to ensure a smooth transition. In addition to sober living homes that can be recommended by our staff, we also work to connect individuals with therapists near their home to best suit the needs of each client. We can also put clients in contact with local support groups to ensure they have a strong support system after completing our program.


The addiction epidemic affects millions of individuals around the country, and most of those people need help to end the cycle. At the Paxton Recovery addiction treatment center in Boca Raton, Florida, our professional team of experts are leading the way in therapy-focused treatment plans that can help those individuals stop the cycle and live drug-free.

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